05 Nov

wall of tattoo designs

today was about a lot of things, but mostly about family. about the family we are, the family we celebrate. it was about being here and now – having two small children leaves little choice but to allow life to flow over and around me, even when i feel like a stone, sunken to the bottom of a swiftly-moving river. it was moments of pause. moments of remembering.

two of three

touching down for a second with my sister, and feeling the cellular changes happening to us without our brother. tears, and pain, and honor, and love.

thinking about my children, and how very tiny and fragile they were, and how amazing, and shining, and wonderful they are now. and how lucky i am to be their mama. every day. every breath.


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Posted by on November 5, 2011 in family, loss, relationship, spirit, twins


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One response to “saturday

  1. Devon

    November 6, 2011 at 5:38 pm

    Celeste, my love!

    It has been ages…. I have been watching your pictures and statuses (stati?) on Facebook, but I just caught the news about your brother. I am so, so, SO sorry.

    Your boys get more beautiful every day, and I am so excited that you have found such a wonderful love!! Sounds like things are good, overall, which you so deserve.

    I will be following you here – I’m glad you’re sharing your adventures!! And perhaps I am due for another trip to the PNW 🙂

    Much love!


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